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Dr. MaryAnn holds the designations of Certified Health Coach and Certified Biblical Health Coach. She received both Health Coach Certifications through the Biblical Health Coach Institute, affiliated with Dr. Jordan Rubin, author of the Biblical Certified Health Coach Program and the best-selling book, The Maker’s Diet, and Dr. Laurette Willis, founder and president of the Certified Health Coach Institute.

What Health Coaching IS . . . What Health Coaching is NOT.

__A supportive collaboration between the Health Coach and the Client who wants to improve his health. A Health Coach comes alongside the client to encourage him in making positive changes in his health and in his thinking about his health.

__A partnership in which the Health Coach helps the Client develop a vision and a plan for improving health.

__A trusted relationship in which the Health Coach helps the Client to identify mental thought patterns that have been standing in the way of optimal health and to replace harmful habits with healthful ones.

__A positive health journey in which the Biblical Health Coach looks at the Client as a whole person comprised of a spirit, a soul, and a body. A Biblical Health Coach, therefore, addresses exercise and nutrition, harmful stressors, and spiritual growth in Christ based on His Word.

NOTE: While there are many Health Coaching Programs out there, Dr. MaryAnn coaches strictly from a Biblical worldview. You will not find any New Age modalities used here.


__Medical diagnosis or prescription of medications.
The Health Coach does not diagnose nor prescribe medication or supplements. The Health Coach does not give medical advice.

__A substitute for medical care from a licensed physician.
The role of the Health Coach is to keep the client accountable to implementing the medical advice of his or her physician or health care provider.

__Counseling or therapy.
Counseling and therapy focus on overcoming wounds of the past. Coaching focuses on the present and the future. The Health Coach Client is an emotionally healthy person ready to move forward with his health.

__Mentorship or Consulting.
While a Mentor or a Professional Consultant may be an expert in his field, a Health Coach may not necessarily be an expert in medicine, science, or nutrition. It is NOT the purpose nor the function of the Health Coach to diagnose, give medical advice, or prescribe medication or nutritional supplements.

Main Functions of the Health Coach:

___To help the Client establish goals for improving his health.
___To encourage the Client in his journey toward improving his health.
___To hold the Client accountable to his health goals.

DISCLAIMER: The Health Coach does NOT diagnose, give medical advice, or prescribe medication or nutritional supplements.

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